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Making Kayak Transporting Easy With Truck Extenders.

The longer frame of an Pickup Truck does give you some advantages over kayaks. But sometime the added height of an SUV can make getting your kayak on top a little harder. Cons: It can be tough to maneuver the kayak on top of your vehicle and into the side position of the J-carrier, especiallyContinue reading “Making Kayak Transporting Easy With Truck Extenders.”

Transport Your Motorcycle Safely In The Back Of Your Truck | The Truck Bed Extender

In order to transport your motorcycle safely in the back of your truck, whether you are heading to the track, the trail, or a bike show, motorcycle loading ramps are a necessity. It is usually a solid span which contains some perforations to give traction to vehicles going on it. Aluminum motorcycle ramps also haveContinue reading “Transport Your Motorcycle Safely In The Back Of Your Truck | The Truck Bed Extender”

The Fight Between Ford & GMC Pickup Trucks

In the case of Ford, particularly with its crowd pleasing F-150 pick-up truck, Ford not only is listening, but delivering. The Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Titan, Dodge Ram, and Toyota Tundra have been those vehicles which the Ford F-series have considered as competition in the market. Since last Friday, anyone interested in purchasing a new FordContinue reading “The Fight Between Ford & GMC Pickup Trucks”